Set Tidal to prefer FLAC over MQA?

In my system, I almost always prefer the more natural sound of flac over mqa. Not always, but nearly.

Is it possible to change the preferred type to be flac instead of mqa when browsing Tidal albums in Roon and for Roon Radio?

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Roon don’t have feature to filter off MQA albums from Tidal except if you are using Tidal app and select ‘Hi-Fi’ in the streaming option. You can filter off from local library using ‘Focus’ and then ‘Format’. You can request to Roon teams to add this feature as not everyone like the sound of MQA.

Bummer. I don’t hear MQA as higher resolution and often it’s using a newer mastering or mix that isn’t as good as the original.

Raise it as a feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done, request made

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