Set up my mac mini as roon core

I have a mac mini late 2012.
16 gb Ram
240gb SSD
I will use only as a roon core.

How should I setup my mac mini device to be able to use it only as roon core, I would like your help please.

Auto sign in in user account then install roon server (headless) and in the menu bar select run at startup and you should be good to go with any apps on the other devices on the same network.

Use a lan connection for the core mini not wifi

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Amphetamine app to prevent sleep mode maybe

Thank you for your kind reply.
I made it like that.
But is there any specific things to do in the mac mini for running as a roon core.
Because i dont use mac mini as a computer just roon core.


Is it enough these set up in the mac mini for working best result?

Should be…that’s what I use. And don’t sleep of course as also mentioned

I would also suggest turning on Screen Sharing and/or Remote Login in the Sharing section of System Preferences. This lets you run headless (no monitor) yet still be able to apply MacOS updates and poke around on the Mac Mini.