Set up question whole house audio


My wife and I are retiring out of state. I previously used Roon for several years and want to have a Roon based whole house audio system.
I need to get this right so if I need to trash what I thought might work, I will.
We will have a total 8 zones inside and in the backyard. I thought we could run the Roon core on a Mac pro desk top (2010). Each room has 2 Goldenear in ceiling speakers. Would the 8 locations be recognized as separate zones by Roon? Does it make sense to invest in an 8 zone multi-zone amplifier? Do I need a Roon-ready multi-zone amplifier for this? In order to see the display in some of the zones would TV’s with chromcast work? We listen to our library and Tidal primarily. Would we be able to independently control volume and the music selection from each zone? If necessary having all zones hear the same content is not the end of the world. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated (including suggestions for the amp). If I intend to live a long healthy retirement I have to get this right. If not, an empty nest with my wife may not be as pleasant as I hoped…lol

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