Set volume per track

Is there any way you can set a default volume individually for each track. Imagine a carefully assembled playlist featuring totally different genres. Volume levelling is definitely not what I want.

Go to device settings, volume levelling, and select “Track”.

  1. Track - Performs adjustments on a track-by-track basis. This produces the most consistent volume level during a playback session, but may result in unpleasant jumps in volume during playback of a gapless album.

As I said ‘Volume Leveling’ isn’t what I’m after. An orchestra is much louder than a guitar. A Piano is louder than a flute. I want to set a realistic volume for each - individually.

No there isn’t. You may add it as a feedback, feature suggestion.

You could add this potentially to this feature request that is closely related and vote for it…

Yes, volume is the same as flat EQ down/up

The volume is very important. When a HiFi starts sounding like the real thing, the volume is very important

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