Setting import dates to release dates

The Roon user guide states:

[quote]Import dates
Traditionally, Roon has kept track of “Date Added” for tracks based on the first time that Roon saw a file or TIDAL track. This isn’t ideal when our collections typically go back for decades and Roon hasn’t been released for nearly as long.

There are a few features to improve this situation. You can edit the import dates for your tracks to match the file modification or creation times in the filesystem (multi-select a bunch of tracks in the track browser and use the “Metadata Preference” tab if you want to perform this operation to large amounts of content at once). You can, of course, also edit your import dates manually.[/quote]

But how do I change the import date to = release date for, say, 10K tracks?


Hi Dan,

When you say Import Date = Release Date, do you mean changing Import Date (Date Added) to File Creation Date?

To do multiple tracks, go to a Track View and right click (or long press) one track to highlight. Then at the top left of the screen, you’ll see “1 Selected”. Use the drop down to Select All.

Now, click Edit at the top right of the screen and then the Metdata Preferences tab. You should find what you’re looking for there.

You may want to back up your Roon database first, if you’re doing a lot of changes.

Cheers, Greg

If you mean setting the date added to the date that the album was released there is no need to do this as Roon already has the “sorted by date” menu option that gives you a view by release date from the album view menu.

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Hi Dan,

[quote=“Dan_Herrmann, post:1, topic:14704”]
… how do I change the import date to = release date for, say, 10K tracks?
[/quote]You can’t do that with Roon.
These are the present options:

It could be done programmatically outside of Roon, but you’d need (or know someone) that’s got some programing skills.
It would go something like this:

  • For each audio file
  • Read the released date metadata (this relies on file meta being correct)
  • Set the file’s creation date = released date

Once completed, the in Roon select the albums and specify “Track’s Import Date” as required.

For what’s it’s worth … this is my story:

I still can not find this setting?

I would love to change files to file creation date.

Hi Chad,

  • Goto the Album browser.
  • Long press (or right click) an album … this pops up the editor / info bar.
  • Select all albums from the drop down.
  • Click on the 3 dot icon … this pops up the album editor.
  • Click the Metadata Preferences tab … this will display the available options.
  • Click on prefer file creation date.
  • Click on save.

See these screen shots to help guide you.

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Thank you @Carl !!!


Thank you!

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