Setting time zone


Is it possible to set the local time zone on a NUC running ROCK?

If it isn’t, would it be safe to assume that any alarms I’ve set using the alarms extension, are set to UTC time, not local time?

TIA Peter

The Alarm Clock extension uses the local time of the device it is running on. In your case the RPi running DietPi. This means that if you configure the correct time zone using dietpi-config, alarms can be set using local time.

Don’t believe you can install extensions on Rock.

Thats true, but you can install the on something like a Raspberry PI which is on the same network & they’ll become available to the Rock.

Yeah, its just that the OP was talking about Rock on a NUC and using the time settings on the NUC, not using a RPi…Anyhoo I am sure he has got all the info he needs now. :grinning:

the display on the Logitech Transporter shows GMT time not local

Old Thread - still current question. ROCK is evidently running in the wrong time zone (its one hour off), and the Squeezeboxen get their time from the Roon core…

It would indeed be very handy to be able to set the TZ…


Is there an answer to the question about setting the TZ?

This would be nice to set backup schedule to happen in your TZ vs. the TZ that is default in the Nucleus.

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There does seem to be a TZ setting in the advanced option of the unit but nothing drops down.


Has this issue been solved? If so, how do I set my ROCK to be in my local time zone?