Setting up a new Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (54B203F68D73)
Room OS 1.0 (build 175) stable, Version 2.0 (build 1128) production.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, on Google Nest, Ethernet cable plugged in to Nucleus
Room Remote App is on wifi

Connected Audio Devices

MyTek Liberty DAC II connected over USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I use the Roon Remote App to select my Nucleus as the core, the Roon App freezes and the screen goes blank. I am not able to run Roon with the new Nucleus I purchased.

What device are you running the App on? On a PC, go to the Nucleus Web UI and see what version is running? You might have to update the Nucleus PC software first.

Here is FAQ.

Go to the admin web page of your Nucleus and check if it is up to date. Open your internet browser and try http://nucleus or if this does not work try http://nucleus.local. If this does not work either, use the IP address of the Nucleus instead of “nucleus”

The Roon Server Software version should be Version 2.0 build 1223 production. If it is lower, you may be a victim of this recent quite frequent issue:

Current releases of control devices / remotes crash when the Core is not up do date. New Nucleuses don’t have the latest software (they need to updates first thing) and then this happens. If all your remotes crash then you can’t initiate the update from the remote but you can trigger the update by going to the admin web page and clicking the Reinstall button for the Operating System:

This will also trigger the update of the Roon Server version. This is riskless and has helped in countless recent cases

I already alerted Roon to this and they are investigating a solution

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@Rugby it is always the same thing. New Nucleuses don’t have the latest build understandably, so need to update but can’t easily if the remotes crash. Roon needs to get this fixed ASAP by fixing the remote crash in this case. I am posting the same thing five times a day. Terrible experience for new Nucleus owners (and ROCK because the ROCK download image is not up to date either). @Connor are Roon on this? I think you told them two weeks ago.

This mtght help, too.

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Yeah the first part about the web admin interface, I think I will include this link in my repeated standard answer, thanks.

But this needs to be fixed, it’s terrible

Hey @John_Newman,

I wanted to check in on this thread, and see if the above comments were helpful? I was able to review your account and can confirm you are on build 1223. I would suggest updating to build 1234 if at all possible.

I’ll be on standby for your reply! :+1:

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