Setting up a used Roon Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity modem
Google wifi router
Ethernet into Roon Nucleus

Connected Audio Devices

Audio DAC connected to Nucleus via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

3,500 tracks

Description of Issue

I’ve been running Roon Core on my MBP laptop for quite awhile now using a basic SBC via ethernet as a streamer to my DAC.

I just purchased a used Roon Nucleus to use as the core device and to hook up directly to my DAC via USB.

I’m using the article to help with the swap.

I made a Roon database backup onto a usb thumb drive. I connected it along with the ethernet cable, usb to DAC and power. All seems good there.

I follow the steps to restore from backup. So I logout of Roon Core and select the Roon backup on the usb drive. Roon shows the files are downloading and runs to 100%.

Initially I was having an issue re-establishing a connection to Nucleus once this was completed but it eventually worked out. However, it doesn’t seem it restored from the backup.

Also in the audio section, Nucleus seems to think the HDMI ports are being used (which they are not) and it’s not listing the DAC I’m using connected via USB. So I’m not able to select the current audio device.

It’s seem like I’m struggling a bit here with all this. Could you please help. I would greatly appreciate it.


Hey Joe…yes I always wanted to say that😁
Seriously though you might want to edit one of your screenshots as it shows your email address.
Can’t be to careful nowadays :wink:

Ah yes, you are correct. Didn’t notice it, thanks!

It always lists the available ports but as you can see they aren’t enabled.

Ok good to know, wasn’t sure.thanks

These are present on the Nucleus, but not enabled. However, the DAC is evidently not recognized.

When you first powered-on the Nucleus, was the database and storage reset by the previous owner? Does Roon reflect your current library, bookmarks, favourites etc.? If so, this would indicate that the database was restored.

I’d also try connecting the DAC to another USB socket and try another cable.

Make sure the DAC is powered on and connected then reboot the nucleus.

Ok, I now believe the database restore was successful. I’m seeing bookmarks, favorites and playlists.

I also removed the usb drive and swapped around the usb slot I was using to connect the dac. Roon is now recognizing the dac and plays music!. Thanks for the support everyone.


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