Setting up HQPlayer within Roon

Are there any simple step my step directions as to how to set up HQPlayer when it is installed through Roon that I downloaded on my laptop.

Roon is now working great with the help I have received here. I guess its time to try HQPlayer set up and muck things up again. :slight_smile:

I am using Playback Designs MPS-5 with Stream-IF. It will play PCM 384 and 4xDSD.

Thanks Brad

Thanks Ged. I am hoping for some details as to the settings in HQPlayer.
From everything I have found here and other places there are quite a few. Most of them are confusing to me with my limited computer save.


There is extensive help on the Audiophile Style site under software/HQPlayer.

Thanks Bob, I will look over there.

This Kick Start Guide helped me. There are parts of it (Library and Playlists) that are unnecessary if Roon is your front end. It is based on the previous version of HQ Player, but I believe it is still broadly applicable. It is directed towards a direct connection DSD output, so if you are looking at a Network connection to an NAA and PCM output then different settings will apply.

The latest version of the HQ Player Manual is included in every update and is worth careful reading. Unlike most audio manuals it has a high signal to noise ratio.

There is also a brief quick start guide focusing on HQPlayer 4 Desktop here. Hopefully it helps too. (it may be useful too if one would like to use HQPlayer Client with HQPlayer 4 Embedded)

Thanks, Andy & Jussi that is very helpful.

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