Setting up Roon with Bel Canto REFStream

Hello, I just downloaded Roon but my Bel Canto REFStream (and Bel Canto DAC 2.7) aren’t showing up as “networked” devices when I look at the Roon Settings/Audio/Networked menu. I’m running Roon on a Mac Mini. Any advice?

Is the Bel Canto REFStream Roon compatible? From just cursory research, I see that it supports UPnP/DLNA. However, Roon uses RAAT, its own proprietary protocol.


Roon does not use UPNP/DLNA for streaming. To be abler to use a DAC that’s not Roon Ready you need to use a device like Raspberry Pi, ODROID etc. and install Roon Bridge on it. It then attaches to your network and DAC and Roon will be able to stream to it.

Got it–thanks for the reply! I’ll touch base with Bel Canto as well to see if they have any plans for a firmware upgrade.


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Jeff, did you have any joy with this? The REFStream is listed on the Roon site but it doesn’t show up on my network.

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Well, long time since this post was updated. I’d love to know if there is a more current firmware version than what I have on my newly acquired (to me) REFStream. UPnP sounds terrific throughout mconnect, but I’d love to use Roon. Anyone have a firmware more up to date than v1.11.

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