Setting up roon without a server

Roon Server Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Normal WiFi, nothing special

Connected Audio Devices

I will connect it to my SONOS devices, but have not passed the ‘looking for Roon server’ step…

Number of Tracks in Library

zero, I want Roon to work with Tidal (just streaming)

Description of Issue

I have installed Roon on my Android Tablet (Samsung S8 tab+) and the first thing it does is look for a Roon server, but I don’t have any Roon server nor local files. I just want it to work with streaming Tidal / Qobuz.

The short answer is that you need a Roon Server - you have only installed a Roon client on your tablet.

Roon Server can be installed on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Intel NUCs and selected NAS devices. It is also pre-installed on the Nucleus models.

The longer answer is here:


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