Settings:Audio multiple /clone 'Roon Server' showing (9x)


Im running Roon Core in a container on a local bare metal linux server.

Recently the Roon Server has started multiplying in the Settings:Audio list. The same devices but with different IP addresses - I currently have 9x clones/copies.

Tried purging and crecreating both the persistent storage on for the container and the image. Also the local windows install and any/all apps. But it keeps growing, there each time I start from fresh.

is not officially supported.

IIRC are addresses from the 172.XXX/16 range often used for components of virtual networks (bridges, adapters, …) in container systems.

Also seems to hint in that direction. So maybe you should try to troubleshoot your virtual network configuration for your containers.

Update: Or there are actually that many virtualized Roon Cores running concurrently.

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Hey @Gareth_Beard,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing the way you’re using Roon. We’re sorry that we didn’t get a chance to reply until today :pensive:

I wanted to check in and see if things have changed in any way, even if just the perspective thanks to @BlackJack’s input (thanks, @BlackJack :pray:).

One note worh making is that Roon will display everything that is visible on the network in Settings → Audio. If a device is seen on your network, it will be seen in Roon.