Setup for Tidal and jRiver MC21 on ROON [Answered]

My set up:
Home built computer, My Graphic card is built in with the motherboard.
S/PDIF Converter HighFace2 from M2Tech.

G-Dis DAC, it´s an old “trial bench” uppgraded 4 years ago. It can only handle CD quality sound.

Pioneer Referens Amp A-777 from 1990.

My isue:
As my grafic card is built in to the mother board i run ROON server on the computer and ROON app on my mobile phone.
The problem is when i start ROON server the sound is only on my mobile and not on my stereo.

sounds like you have not selected the right zone or the audio settings are not turned on for your DAC connected to the hifi

Hi, thankyou for answering. It doesn´t matter if i have all zones aktivated. Maybe i can only have one zone aktivated at the time? I have a highface2 S/PDIF converter from M2Tech and ASIO as ouput and if possible i would like to use those playing Tidal from ROON. So i have aktivated Realtek High Defenition Audio and ASIO4ALL and jRiver MC as i also have that. But MUSBAudio is not aktivated. Is some of that wrong? System Output is also not aktivated.

You can only control one zone at a time, but many zones can be playing all initiated from one control point or many.

You can have as many zones as you have options to enable

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Now i have all above zones aktivated. Only sound in my mobile. Should i do something in the playback option under eatch zone? What do you mean “i can only control one zone at a time”? How can i do that?

ha! i have got it! taped in the footer and aktivated my zones there. I can also shoose zone there. Now i will determen if Tidal and jRiver MC sounds better throu Roon or not. Thankyou for talking.

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