Several recently added albums missing in overview screen

Somehow, several newly added albums do not make it to ‘Recently added’ on the overview screen. When ‘View All’ is clicked, all new additions do show up, most recently added first. Bug? Feature? Dark mystery?

Overview > Recently Added :

Overview > Recently Added > View all

you try hitting refresh? overview doesnt quite update in realtime yet

Yup. Tried refresh and restarting Roon, but to no avail.

For some reason as of tonight new albums do show up again (I added three), but the inconsistencies mentioned above remain.

I’ve seen this a few times. The most recent albums show up in Overview, but when you click on them you get “not found”. It just happened again with 1.0 r 16, but I’ve seen it since the first release.
Interestingly, when I hit the Refresh button, those albums DISAPPEARED. Mysterious.

I am having this now. Just ripped a CD via DBpoweramp and it is in my watched folder. I can see it there, but Roon fails to find it in overview or artist despite numerous refreshes and re starting.
When importing to sooloos albums were always immediately available to play.
Any idea’s?