Share via Imgur not working?

I haven’t been able to share “now playing” piccies via Imgur lately. I was also contacted by a friend here in Sweden who had the same issue.
No one else?

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This is being looked into in another thread. I have the same problem.

Thx Chris, i did look for reports on the same issue, but…

I’m getting the same message. I have taken to saving it to desktop then uploading it.

Been getting problems for a couple of days.

The Roon team took stats from my account to look into it…

Not working for me either, was just going to post about it as thought it might be just me. Good job I searched first.

We’re aware of these issues with Imgur guys, and we’re looking into them.

Sorry for the trouble!


It used to be so simple to share a track, album link, now I have to save as photo In photos etc.
The get shareable link has ceased to function, I just get the retry, which obviously fails too.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

That’s fine, the workaround is fine. Wanted to check i was not an isolated case.

Bring back the save to camera roll, please!

Same Here. Sharing via Imgur is not working for me.

Hello All,

I just wanted to update you here and let you know that we have made some progress regarding this issue and we will be deploying a change for this behavior in our next release which should correct it.



Have you guys encountered this issue? Any workaround?

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It’s a known problem that Roon are already working on: Share via Imgur not working?

@support what’s the progress of this? Still can’t use Imgur to share images.

@CrystalGipsy - This change should be live once 1.6 is released.

I can’t provide a specific timeline of when 1.6 is released but we will post release notes in this section once 1.6 is out and you will no doubt see the flood of posts on Community once that happens :slight_smile:

– Noris

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Look forward to whats in 1.6.

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