Sharing music with other members

The What are you listening to now thread is quite popular on the Forum, but it’s a very low tech concept. This thread is to discuss what alternative methods we would like to see in Roon to enable us to share music with other Roon members.

I’d like to see an export object button that we could use to paste a Roon object into a document; Artist, Album, Work, Track, Playlist or Bookmark. Clicking on the object would open it in Roon; from your local library, or Tidal.


As there are user names and an online connection, you could have a widget inside Roon where people can send each other music. No need for it to be exported from Roon, the information can go via the Roon servers on log in.

Could only apply to music access through services such as Tidal though.


I like both of those.

Not everyone has Roon - so a smart link or url or something with formatted info for album/track/artwork and a Roon logo would be great for everyone for when we share in other places. Not least great for Roon as each one is an advert for them and how cool things look when you share from Roon :wink:

A way to connect with other users and their playlists would be great too, although how that would work outside of streaming services I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Danny or another Roon staffer say something about waiting until the user base gets bigger, but I’d love to find people with like minded music tastes and discover some new music.

I think Roons potential for music discovery is huge and it’s currently only a fraction of what it could be.

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An issue is that not everyone has Tidal. And as such you would be splintering the user base is the haves and have-nots with all the negative knock on effects that has in a community.

But if we print a screenshot or list of albums isn’t it the same ?

The recipient would only ever have access to albums or tracks to which they had rights, perhaps with a placeholder showing the title.

It’s hard to see how recommendations to other users could work without Tidal (and without Roon offering integrated download purchasing from online sources, which is far away). By its nature you’re going to be recommending something to someone who doesn’t already own it.

The “what you are listening to now” is my favorite Roon Community thread! :grinning: It reminds me of things new and remembered. I usually only post once per listening session as to not hog the thread, but usually listen to four to six CDs per sitting. There have been some dandies posted that I had completely forgotten about, until another member posted up their selection.


Though I used (and continue to use) as an interesting way to track my listening habits, being able to see what other users were listening to in relation to how similar their tastes were to mine led to some great discoveries. I’m sure the Roon folks don’t want to delve into developing a ‘social’ network as part of the Roon service, but a way to access another user’s listening history, obviously only with that user’s consent, might be interesting. Not sure how users would find one another to get that consent, but it could be a helpful discovery tool, not unlike the ‘What are you listening to now?’ thread, which I also find really enjoyable to scroll through, by the way.

True - but how to find something (whether streaming service, Amazon, qobuz download or whatever) is a lot easier than knowing you might want to listen to it.

If a friend recommends something to me, I try and find a way to listen - most likely Tidal since I have it, but if not I look elsewhere.

Some kind of social/community/networked aspect to Roon would be great, primarily to share recommendations as mentioned above. Perhaps a new menu item in Roon which when clicked on, allows the user to see recommendations posted by other users and perhaps messages related to music as well.

Very interesting topic here.

I’m wondering, if Roon has identified an album from a local library, specific identification codes must be in the database, why should even sharing local library music not be possible? Speculation of course, but let’s flag @mike to ask.

Many of us have local libraries that might be too huge to listen to, so this could be worth while as well, maybe limited to the same edition of an album matching in the two databases.


I think this is a good idea. An optional feature that a Roon user could enable to see what music other Roon users like. This could be anonymous or not. Though, (I admit with enthusiasm) there are a several Roon users whose music choices shared on “What Are You Listening To Now” always satisfy.

I find a couple of other Roon users who post in the What are you listening to? thread share my tastes. For music, it’s like candy…“it’s all good (ex)'cept for the wrappers.”. :sunglasses:

It would be nice to automatically share a music choice like I could do with IPeng.

Share with and where/ how?

Hi Evans,
If I enjoyed a track or an album I could email it directly through IPeng to a friend.

The use case would be for people to be able to share albums that they can stream from online services such as Tidal and Qobuz directly from Roon.

These links would open up the Roon app if it’s installed and prompt the listener whether they want to add/stream the album from the shared source, and which version - if multiple exist.

This could tie into the search functionality so this doesn’t have to be completely redesigned. If Roon is not installed you can simply open the native link to Qobuz or Tidal via a web browser.

Either way, this would allow the link to pre-populate to the image of the album and it would be a great way to improve engagement with Roon. The non-Roon experience could open an interstitial page that shows how to use Roon but it could then link through to the streaming services.