Sharing tags among version of album

Hello, I’d need some help with the following questions please…

  • I have many albums both as Qobuz favorites and on a hard disk. May I chose by default which version should always show up in Roon? (I am aware that I can do that for a specific album but not for all of them)

  • Can I share tags between versions of the same album in an automated way? Redoing all the tag work would be a lot of work…

  • If I do the tagging for files on a hard disk and then disconnect it, will I lose all the tags?


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Hi @Bped,

No, there is no way to globally set preferred versions to Qobuz.

No, tags are specific to one version of an album.

These tags will still be tracked in the database, so if you were to add these files back later the tags would still be applied.

Hi Dylan, thanks. In relation to the point below:

Could you please confirm that Roon will still apply tags upon reconnecting the external hard disk even if I had previously disabled the watched folder and cleaned up the library to avoid having references to missing links in my Library?

Basically, I am trying to understand if it is worth spending time to tag albums I have on an external hard disk which I may use from time to time. I’d like to have a clean Roon library based on Qobuz as default.

Hi @Bped,

In this case, no, the tags will not still exist in the database. They will be removed when you do Clean Up Library after the drive is disconnected.

Thanks for you help

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