Shazam 'like' functionality for Live Radio

A feature I would absolutely love to see in Roon is a Shazam ‘like’ Acoustic ID service for Live Radio streams that could automatically show me whatever was playing on a live radio stream and additionally let me search/add the Album or Track to my library or Playlist.

It could also allows the tracks on those stream to contribute to your listening statistic and history.

I expect there would be licensing costs/agreements involved, but it doesn’t seem entirely blue sky. The results could even be cached centrally by Roon to limit the number of API requests to whatever AcoustId service was used. I might even be happy to pay a small additional cost to have this functionality/cover any additional licensing costs.

Not to suggest that a GitHub repo is anywhere near an implementation. Just to point out that these services do exist and that this isn’t just blue sky thinking - although I expect some of them live in a grey area.

Just came across this project/repo, which automatically ID’s the songs playing on a live radio station/stream (Charlie Bone’s DoYouRadio).

Seems to be using this to handle the acoustic ID lookups:

Would be amazing to have this kind of functionality built into Roon so that we could get ‘now playing’ track ID’s and for a live radio stream and from there an easy way to add those tracks to your library.

A simpler option to start with might be a button within Roon that allowed you to quickly ‘Identify’ the current track, when listening to a radio stream/show via Roon.

+1 vote for Shazam/soundhound integration