Should I buy an audio bridge?

Hello, currently I use an intel nuc connected to my iggdrasil Dac vía usb (a Nordost heimdall).

I’m very happy with this combo. Lately I read everywhere about the improvement in quality using a bridge (like sms 200 ultra). The comments are from -the best upgrade ever- to 50% improvement in audio quality-

No bad comments like snake oil or something.

I’m totally into digital audio.

All I can say is…it depends. In my system I have tried the microrendu, the ultrarendu and de sms200. All sound just a tiny little bit different, lets say 5% compared to direct usb connection to my audio pc. But it was also very hard to pin down which one was actually better. In the end I bought neither one of them bacause it was all very futile compared to gains in other areas. On the other hand, at a friends place there was a much bigger difference, but nowhere near 50% improvement, and we prefered the sms200 over direct connection. The difference was at least big enough to spend any cash on, in my system it wasn’t worth it. It is most definatly a try before you buy item.

A network bridge may improve things–I use the Allo DigiOne–but don’t expect the kind of improvements you quoted.

Yep, I doubt you’ll see huge improvements. It seems the better your equipment is, the less room there is for significant gains. Basically, if you have a low noise core and a well-engineered DAC (with good noise rejection), there isn’t as much to ‘fix’. You have darn good equipment to start with.
I spent a considerable sum putting an ethernet input into my DAC in place of the Quad USB port, and there was a very slight improvement. But honestly, I really doubt I would have picked it up blind.
But you’ll only find out by trying it. If you have a good relationship with a local stereo dealer you can give it a try. Small Green Computers also has a 30-day return policy. They are a real class act.

thank you! your comments are more conservative.

unfortunately I can’t try before I buy.

A major step forward in getting my setup sounding great and working smoothly was installing a Sonore ultraRendu. This gave a definite improvement in sound quality over a direct USB connection into the DAC in the Hegel H190 (not night and day, more afternoon to evening). It’s Roon ready and, if you so wish, also supports DNLA/MPD/Spotify Connect.

Another option that looks very interesting and might be worth checking out is the Primare NP5

Thank you all for you kind replies.

After a good sunday, I removed the dust from my raspberry pi (with its cheap power supply) and installed ropiee as a Roon bridge.

Im afraid it sounds better than the nuc directly to the yggdrasil. i would say 8% (if that vague number means anything). Can’t imaginewhat a proper bridge would do.

This might be a job for santa.

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The RPi solution works fine for me , I added Allo Digione to provide a CoAx output that suits my DAC

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