Should Nucleus power off with a single tap to the power button?

I don’t know if it is just my nucleus but to power off I need to hold the back button for a number of seconds to get the white light over the button to power off. A quick tap does not turn the light off.

It should turn it off. Not immediately, since it has to do a nice shutdown, but after a few seconds it should turn off.

If you aren’t seeing this, hook up an HDMI monitor/tv to it and let’s see what it says when it is shutting down. It might happen fast so its best to get your phone camera recording a video of the screen.

My point based on James comment elsewhere tho I thought it was this thread …about when it’s having a problem / hung you might need a long press.

I’m either crazy or the issue has today resolved itself . Just tapped the back button and the nucleus and white light powered off. This is the first time I have seen it happen. Sorry to trouble you Danny.

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I’d be shocked if anyone actually ever needed this. There is very few things that could wedge Roon OS like this. Remember, it is not a general purpose OS.

I in retospect, shouldn’t have done it, but was changing and very quickly listening to the opening few notes of many different versions of a particular song, to choose the best sounding version for a playlist. The nucleus became extremely slow in changing tracks and starting play (maybe 10 seconds). I performed a hard reboot and all was sweet again.

That’s RoonServer screwing up somehow. Can you open up a new topic in #support for that?

However, your power button should continue to work like normal (possibly just a tad slower)

If it does it again, I will Danny. I’ll just try not to be so quick in track changing in future.

I saw exactly that behavior yesterday, quick changing tracks.

How did you resolve it Anders?

Power cycled.

I have had occasional hiccups before, usually recovers by itself, it is very rare that it requires a power cycle. (On the other hand, it occurred never with the NUC and older versions of Roon.)

And of course, I can’t swear that the hang up was related to the quick track changes. Rare and non-reproducible problems are our bane. I just noted that I did have a similar problem, in similar circumstances.

Exactly. I got on board Roon a week or two into it’s public release a few years ago and I was sold immediately.
I had the core running on a pc and then a mac and now the nucleus. I have had a run of issues of late which seem very difficult to sort but over the past few weeks things seem to be bedding in. Network issues, cabling, hardware, software…who knows.
Bottom line is roon is a core aspect of my listening pleasure which I would hate to ever be without.