Show duplicates setting?

People have mentioned the setting for Show Duplicates. Where is it?
I see the setting for cleaning up duplicates on export, not what I want.


Roon -> Settings -> General

Show Hidden Tracks and Albums - Make sure you set this to yes.

Did you ever find out the answer to this question? I would like to know the same thing. Thanks.

@bplexico’s answer above is correct, but maybe you’re looking for something else? Can you tell me a little more about what you’re trying to achieve?

Yes, thanks. I see duplicate copies of some albums when Roon displays my music library. I do have some dupes, like for example a file in iTunes that’s also in the Amazon music player (it’s all on family iMac). Going forward I’ll manage this more carefully and mostly use Tidal, but I’d like not to see these extra copies of the same music.

Roon will automatically group certain kinds of duplicates, as described here.

If you have other albums you want grouped together, you can select them, click Edit, and then click Group Alternate Versions.

They are grouped together as two versions of the same music. Is there a way to have Roon only display one album cover when I view my albums? Thanks.

The instructions above cover how to group two copies of an album, so only a single cover is displayed. Is that what you’re looking for?

I think so. I’ll try it when I am back home. On a business trip now. Thanks!