Show Qobuz purchases in the Qobuz tab under ‘My Qobuz’?


Qobuz can’t handle that.They have to merge different logins.

(RJV) #22

I don’t think that that is true. There are other apps where Qobuz has no problems integrating with. Like the Lightning DS App for the Auralic streaming devices. Qobuz was integrated in this app a long time ago and it still works fine.

(paolo) #23

in “My Qobuz” section only, not in my library (as purchased files are supposed to be already there) unless one, for whatever reason he has, expressly clicks “Add To Library” :wink:


This is wrong! As @RJ_V says other software like Devialet Spark are able to integrate Qobuz including purchases the right way so buyers of Qobuz albums can stream them in the quality they purchased independent from what their streaming subscription is. Here Roon should deliver what apparently the Qobuz SDK allows other implementers to do. I’m confident that we will get this back in a working way. But for now I fully support the request. It is a function that would allow to stream the purchased quality from Roon also in the case the local library is not accessible like in a holiday house or a hotel with internet access and a notebook with a Roon core installed that temporarily serves to the Ipad or endpoints away from the domestic infrastructure and server enabling full library access.
Remote access of purchased albums is definitely one of my use cases. So, please Roon bring back purchases listing to ‘My Qobuz’.


When I was using the app Lightning DS to see my Qobuz account in an Auralic driver, I was able to stream my purchases albums !
Now with Roon I can’t see my purchases albums anymore I’m Qobuz :frowning:

(simon arnold) #26

Do the other services integrate like Roon? No they don’t. Everything in your Qobuz account is linked directly to your library. So if you have dowloaded your purchases and added them to you music store. Roon sees this but has no way to know they are from Qobuz. Then in Qobuz you have your purchases and this does not link to the local file that you purchased so this causes confusion as it would stream from Qobuz and not play you local verison. The others don’t do this they have a simple solution in that Qobuz and local library are a separate entity. It’s not an easy problem to get around which ever way you look at it.


Hi Simon,
Maybe I wasn’t clear, english is not my language;)
For now I use only Qobuz Sublime+ and I use it only to stream studio Master or cd quality files.
I don’t have a nas with local files.
But, sometimes if I see in qobuz that I cannot stream an album, because of some rights issues with the label, then I buy it.
Qobuz knows that this album has been bought, so in the qobuz app they let you the possibility to stream it, which make sense if you listen it from differents devices for exemple.
Lighting ds app does the same : if you use it to navigate in your qobuz account you’ll be able to stream any purchases album, which make sense because that’s what qobuz allows you to do anyway from their app !!
But with roon this is not possible, yet.

(simon arnold) #28

I know but for the reasons I stated it was removd as it caused more issues with users that had downloaded the purchases and added them to their local Roon library. They would show up twice in Roons UI, one from local Library and then one from Qobuz purchases and streaming. Users where complaining about having the two entries. They wll add it back when they can work out how to deal with the file being local and being in the cloud and how its displayed and played to the customer. All other apps really do not use the API in the same way as Roon so to them its just a window to Qobuz in Roon its much more than that so is more complicated to implement well.


Ok, I understand that point :wink:


Sure, but I see no difference here between other local files that are also streamable by either Qobuz or Tidal. That’s why the version concept exists. It was clearly a bug in the implementation in Roon and should hopefully be fixed soon. To be able to stream purchases is important for many paying Qobuz subscribers. Now it feels a bit like if you own a CD you are only able to stream in MP3 quality, only one level higher. Because you own a hires album you only can stream it in CD quality when you are a sublime subscriber.