Show us your snow photos

I’ll get us started. This is Union Bay. You can see Husky Stadium, which is part of the University of Washington. If you look very closely, you’ll find our Space Needle which isn’t quite the spectacle it was when it was when built.

Anyone else?


I will try to get a better one when its not -20F out, correction, -22F now… Brrrrrrrrr!!!


Now that’s some legitimate weather.

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Thats not cold.I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada with wind chill -41.


LOL, I’m just south of the border from you, it’s now -24F (-31C) and dropping. This is actual temps no wind chill factored in as the “wind” is only 7mph right now… :slight_smile: Advisory is that we will get down to -40F wind chill tonight and down to -50F wind chill possible through Sunday. Frostbite in a few minutes… so yeah, it’s a little cool out…

-30 with out windchill right now.

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I once got on an airplane in San Diego at 72F and got off in Oshkosh, WI at 52F below zero (wind chill). Crazyness.


Had a winter funeral in Minnesota I can relate to this, but it’s a dry cold at -20

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LOL, humidity is 70% right now so…dry it is not. dew point is -30F… whatever that means…:slight_smile:
My gloves stuck to my gate when I closed it. Just glad they were work gloves and not my hand…

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I wonder if the NFL can play all their outside games this weekend. I was at the second coldest Packers game in Limbaugh against the Bears IIRC.

EDIT: Just looked, there have been other, colder games since that one.

I’m at my home in Texas and we’re going to get some 14 degrees overnight temperatures next few days and I’m crapping because I’m not used to it here, plants and pool equipment etc. Too funny comparing to what I’ve known in Minnesota and Wisconsin as @Jim_F can relate to. I’ve been living in Southern California a lot and we don’t have to prepare like many of y’all do.

Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying safe, have a blessed holidays everyone :slightly_smiling_face:



This is why I’ve seen some really white Canadian folks in Jamaica this time of the year………they never seem too excited to go home :joy::wink::rofl:


LOL, I was raised in Houston and moved to Minnesota, small world indeed.

P.S. My gate is now frozen shut, my fault for not clearing it completely. Will need to get the plow out just to get it open. Guess I’m not going anywhere for a while… Dang, now I have to stay home and listen to more music… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:

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Very good, Cokato, Annandale, Hutchinson and the “BIG” city St. Cloud eh? My cousin has purchased a mobile home here in Texas for snowbirding now. I do miss the lakes but not the mosquitoes but Texas has enough of them to keep me busy uggh……

For me it was the heat, can’t stand anything over 80F, I am a polar bear at heart. I was 10 miles off the Canadian border for 18 years, now a little south of that Bemidji area. Great motorcycling and snowmobiling area.

P.S. shhhh don’t tell anyone, I got the gate open with a little winch action. Still gonna stay home for a bit till it gets warmer, supposed to get all the way up to -11F (-26C) today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh yeah you’re way up north, we had the kids at Little Elk Ranch, Browerville MN for summer camps, unfortunately they have closed down. They had a great equestrian program that was wonderful for my city raised children.

If you must go outside don’t forget your snowscreen SPF -30 :wink:

You’ll find plenty in the your nice photos post recently

Here’s a few from Belgium

I’m heading to Norway in a few days for more winter wonderland


Cross country skiing arena Lugnet, Falun

Daily walk at my cabin, a couple of days ago

Also at my cabin, the beautiful lake Logärden (something like Lynx Lake in English)


Absolutely beautiful. Never been to Belgium but I’ve been to Norway a few times during winter. Oslo only during this time - it’s a lovely city in Winter. I suspect it’s primarily for tourists but the Christmas Market is really wonderful in the evening.

Wow. Beautiful.

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