Shower Speakers?

Hey all!

Do y’all know of any Roon-Ready waterproof speakers for INSIDE the shower?
I’m looking to link them to the other endpoints in my small apartment (primarily my KEF R11’s connected through a Uniti Atom) to play at the same time, so I can have a seamless music experience through my morning routine.

I know I could get non-waterproof speakers, but I have to CRANK them if I want to hear more than just the boom boom, and I don’t think my neighbors appreciate that :stuck_out_tongue:

Any and all recommendations are welcome. Thanks so much!


The Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i has a moisture-resistant sealed enclosure, so you can use it in a bathroom or kitchen, just not IN the shower because it plugs into household AC, unless you like living on the edge :laughing: You would need a pair to get stereo because it is a mono speaker.

You could consider some marine speakers with Ropieee and an amp hat (the latter perhaps outside the shower!).

I have some wall mounted speakers designed for damp spaces in my shower room attached to a Hi Fi Berry DAC2HD/ AAMP 60

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The Sonos Roam is Waterproof (IP67). You’d need to use Airplay to group.

I have no idea if IP67 really means “shower speaker” but was a quick idea off top of my head,

What’s up you don’t sing in the shower ? , the acoustics are usually perfect :smiling_imp:

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Hell yeah!

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Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you don’t have nice charts. Your charts are fab.

thank you