Showing (off) your Bicycles

Completely off topic, but I love the vintage Scott XC mountain bike! (And the DH too, but that’s not my game.)

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I rode that thing half way round the world when I was in my early 20’s so I kept it. The other one is an Intense Enduro my eldest broke and they gave him a new one under warranty but it’s too nice to throw in the skip. He has come on a bit and rides for Team GB now.


Loved seeing the “man cave” with the audio and the bike frames on the wall! We’re a bike family. Wife has started racing both road and endurance MTB races (Firecracker 50, Point to Point) and I’m considering racing an Enduro series in UT this summer (will be my 1st race in 20+ years). My kids will be doing DH at Woodward PC and Deer Valley the better part of the summer as well.

In the meantime, here’s a shot from my local trails next to my home!

I’ll work on uploading a photo of my setup soon as well.


Very cool picture. What city is this?

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That sky looks amazing

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Here another pic on same trail but different angle. Most will recognize the city instantly.

“Lucky we live Hawaii”


Apologies for the digression… but passions come in many flavors some of us can’t help but want to share!


Perfect view for mountain biking.

Nice bike also.

I have a Cove Stiffee FR. It’s a custom build by me.


i usually ride my racing bike, but it’s still too cold in germany. So this is my favorite at the moment:


I see your spare hose, have you also given up taking repair kits with you?! I do the same with my racing bike.

I missed that. I use to take several in a backpack. Quicker to swap out a tube than repair on the go.

had to learn this…
it’s the same with the spokes, always have 2 with me…

Thanks @Carl :mountain_biking_woman:

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Absolutely, so here’s a dedicated topic just for bicycles, fill your boots … looking forward to seeing and reading about your rides.

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Thank you Carl for your understanding and setting this up!

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Need to get one of those for the wife! It actually looks like a nice piece of furniture/art! Who makes this?

Hmm, that cant be true? :wink:


Never too cold for mountain biking. Snow, rain or shine - my trusty steed and I went gallivanting in all conditions. Just on my own, as no one was as stupid as me.

My knee is what limits me now. Big rock, down hill, fast, the pain. I have a small chunk of bone missing from my knee cap.

I’ll pump her tyres up and get her clean for some modelling poses.


My two road steeds. The Cervelo is very new and was not able to ride it last year due to a nagging back injury. Don’t have a good pic of the mtn bike.


Yeah … for short rides I’ve got everything on the bike (pump, tube, multi-tool, etc.). For longer rides I’d still wear a pack.

Who knew how many audiophiles were also avid cyclists! :slightly_smiling_face: