Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021 .. 2022]

Currently listening to my meta’s paired with a Simaudio Moon 390/330A and my goodness!


That’s why I am only ALLOWED headphones :smiling_imp:

SWMBO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously though when we re-modelled the house when I had 5.1 surround speakers, we were replacing floor tiles so we ran 22mm conduit into channels in the concrete floor and terminated in 2 banana plug panels on the walls. We even ran conduit to the family room to use the AV amps second speaker channel.

If you are doing that scale of building its the right thing to do even if you don’t need it !! The wires are still there even though the amp is long gone.

South African houses rarely have studding walls so everything is concrete , wonderful. My LAN cable goes through 2 walls and across a concrete flat roof with massive UV protection.


@Mike_O_Neill Mine is now just SWMBO as I have taken so many liberties over the years on the Always.

And still here!!!

Took the pic not standing on the vacuumcleaner. Sometimes not only the sound is clean, but yes; it’s a living room :wink:

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Understandable, that is how I convinced my wife.


my latest summer balcony, travel and housework setup.
SENNHEISER MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 via Bluetooth from my Samsung S7+ Tab.
Practical and very good sounding


Absolutely no one needs to see my hovel of a house :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an i5 PC running the Core/Server/Storage in the garage. I was using a NUC but I’m thinking of repurposing it as a Bridge/Endpoint. This communicates with a Chromecast Gen 3 hanging out of the back of a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX303 with Klipsch speakers. The Pioneers is hideously lacking any form of dynamic range / obviously noteworthy power envelope.

Still better than the sound in our old Chevy Colorado, though :smiley:


I’ve made some changes recently, so here’s a recent pic:

Roon Nucleus on the network feeding the system.

Vinyl front-end: Linn LP12/Cirkus/Radikal/Keel/Ekos/Adikt/Uphorik

Linn Klimax DS Organik

Esoteric K-01X BH SACD Player fed by Esoteric G-02 Master Clock

Linn Klimax Kontrol feeding two Linn Majik C4100 power amps (Aktiv)

Linn Majik 140’s with upgraded aluminium bases (Aktiv)

Linn Majik 126 bass reinforcement speaker


Great components. :+1:
But there’s one more thing you could invest in… :innocent:


SwiffeK to go with the Linn spelling.


What a “Linn Fan Boy” :sunglasses:, a very rich fan boy !!

I had an LP12/Ittock/Troika as my vinyl setup for many years , when I went seriously for CD I eventually went for the Linn Karik .

There is no doubt about it Linn are great engineers, a long way from dental drills :rofl:


Have you tried The Hitchhikers Guide to Meridian website? There are some really helpful people on there who are good at fixing Meridian kit.

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Thank you for this great tip! I did post a message on the Meridian forum and I hope I’ll get lucky.and find a way to have it repaired. I’ve also wondered if a 3D printer could make the part but going that route is over my head.

There is definitely synergy in a system. That has taken me fifteen-years to achieve. I’m not rich, but I value quality sound reproduction :grinning:


Not anymore! :rofl: :beers:
Congrats on an exquisite setup! Do you feel that the Esoteric external clock is a worthwile addition?


Unfortunately, yes :dizzy_face:

The K-01X on its own is no ‘slouch’, and I got the G-02 on an audition basis. However, after fifteen-minutes use (probably after the clock had warmed-up) the differences were literally night-and-day.

I wish they weren’t. And I wish I could send the G-02 back, but the impact it makes is breathtaking. God only knows how a G-01X would impact on the system :money_mouth_face:

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I know my local dealer has a Grandioso clock at a “bargain price”! He suggested it to me, but my turntables have no clock inputs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My home office atm… My system goes something like this:
Roon Rock>Pi4>Motu Mk5 Ultralite>NAD c298 amplifiers>JBL M2
Gieseler LPS power Pi4 & Motu.

Roon is handling all convolution DSP for crossovers.


Nice big JBL’s. I’m sure they sound superb!


Just updated the home office come spare room with a pair of Sonos One’s. I didn’t need
anything fancy or too expensive, that’s all saved for my main listening in the lounge.

What can I say…absolutely terrific for such a small speaker, good detail and clear unmuddy bass. They work very well as a Roon endpoint.

Other stuff comprises Mac Mini M1, HP 27" monitor, iPad Pro 12.9", charging point for iPhone & watch, LG 32" TV, Project USB turntable for vinyl conversion, Sky TV box and the old Creative Roar bluetooth speaker which is sadly close to end of life!