Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

I have a very overbearing better half in that sense, and we used to have DLS R55 floor standing speakers. So the 19’s are quite a bit smaller, although the footprint is the same more or less. I got the speakers for a demo price (with full warranty, but no grills), and paid a little over half the retail price. I could not pass that opportunity. And they play like nothing I’ve heard before. I first thought I had to get a subwoofer, but they lack no bass at all. Mine are, as you can see, located in the corner of our living room, and that boosts the bass a bit. But only for the better in my opinion. I really like the design of the ATC speakers.

You are right there, the 11’s also have an amazing tight and strong base for their size.
I bought them second hand with the stands.
Last week i bought an Accuphase E-380 as a replacement for the hegel h190.
The E-380 is in all superiour to the h190; build, estetics and sound and above all a fantastic match.
With the Accuphase the sound stage is huge.

It is a joy to hear this set.
My SCM 40’s will be powered by an Accuphase soon, the hegel h390 has to go…… also according to my girlfriend :heart_eyes:


Upon zooming in, I recognize them! ATC SCM19s here, love them.

Interesting stands! They look beautiful! Though the bottom plate is not adjusted to the ATC‘s curvature.

Very nice!

Super speakers!!! Got the ATC SCM19s, though v1. Am thinking of getting the v2s at one point. Still, the sound of the v1s is great!


I think the biggest difference is the cabinet shape. If they sound good to you, there’s no need to upgrade.

Hi y’all
From the Netherlands, my very much loved Roon setup.

Kef LS50 Meta’s on
Solid Steel tripod stands
Kef KC62
Musical Fidelity M5si

Not visible;
Bluesound Node (2021 version)
Chord Qutest
Intel NUC for Roon ROCK
Great music, a Beer and some snacks :sunglasses:

also Chord and Audioquest cables


Love the plant behind the wireless KEF making the speaker look like a nest of crazy wires. :laughing:


Haha, plant based cable spaghetti.

wired :nerd_face:


Nice, how did you hook up the sub?


In November I shared some pictures of the Franco Serblin Accord Essence speakers I was auditioning. Totally in love with these speakers I decided to order them. The expected delivery time for these speakers are 3 - 4 months. Luckily for me there was still a pair being shipped as a backorder so after only 3 weeks I was a lucky Accordo Essence owner.

After breaking the speakers in I started auditioning new amps, as the Primaluna Dialogue Premium (as good as it is) was not properly matched. I listened to the Audio Analogue Maestro integrated (beastlike machine) and thereafter the newly introduced Primaluna EVO 300 hybrid amp. This is the latest integrated amp and combines a valve pre-amp with a MOSFET/JFET power amp section. Let me tell you that this is a very impressive amplifier. It basically is completely over-engineered. The amount of parts inside is ridiculous and they separated the pre-amp from the power-amp very cleverly. The bottom part is basically an EVO 300 pre-amp with two toroids while the upper half houses the power amp with a bigger 500 VA toroid. Sonically it has truckloads of that lovely valve glow and spaciousness but combines it with sophisticated power and authority. Because of it being a hybrid with a transistor power amp section it has a relative high damping factor. The Accordo Essence are very picky when it comes to electronics as they can dip quite low on the input impedance. The Hybrid and Accordo have a special marriage. I received the amplifier yesterday so now starts the dreadful breaking-in period. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some pictures:


Looks stunning.

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Changed things up once again… Now running a pair of Revel Concerta2 M16’s and my old AudioQuest CV-8 speaker cables.


New-ish mobile phone takes better low light pix. You can better see some of the treatments on ceiling and where ceiling meets walls


Puppy approved


Nice, clean setup. I can only imagine it will sound amazing once break in is complete. What is that equipment stand unit…looks stealth. Is the front cloth or …?


Do you have an available guest room?


Thank you, it’s a custom made cabinet and made out of wood. Wonderfully build but hardly HiFi worthy. The IsoAcoustic feet work wonders though.

As a matter of fact I do! :slight_smile:

Looks amazing…better than any BDI unit. As you said…isolation is easily added.