Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

:joy::sunglasses::sunglasses: Fair enough. I wondered because I looked at the devialets when settling on my dream system. When the volume is cranked I think the devialet sounds better than almost anything I’ve heard. But at low volumes (where I actually do most of my listening) it was a considerably duller amp. I was surprised to find out that it was two amps in one and the innovations that made it sound so great required higher volumes (power). I went with a different direction (Cambridge Audio Edge series).

Funny that they look so small in the photos. They are not (small). But definitely a minimalist vibe.


I had many amps and speakers over the years. I ( the wife):sunglasses: wanted to downsize the amount of boxes so I searched for a one box solution and decided for the Devialet expert pro 220. Speakers became Manger P1 after longtime Martin Logan’s. Love your Focals.


Yep, you’re right. My misunderstanding of the technology. I guess LG made some panels that just didn’t last because there’s a lot of complaints about the issue.

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In general static images (even logos) are poisonous to OLEDs. Classic LCD panels wear too but are way more resilient. Image quality is with the OLEDs. No contest.
Also worth mentioning is switching off an OLED TV often is a bad idea as these guys may run panel recovery procedures off hours.

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Backlights for LCD screens have always been a bit of a lottery. They always degrade over time, put a new LCD screen next to an old one and the yellowing of the whites is usually apparent. I’ve got monitors where the backlights are still OK after 20 years, Dell in particular are strong there. A bit of we research indeed suggests that this was a pretty horrible problem with some LG LCD screens with the suggested “fix” been to turn up the brightness, thus shortening the life further.

I’d not argue that LCD is likely more resilient over time but I’ve got a 5-year-old LG OLED TV that shows no discernable signs of screen burn or picture quality degradation. I’m pretty careful to run the maintenance tasks regularly and my son knows that freezing his PS5 and leaving the room won’t go down well. :wink:

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I prefer black :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I have always wanted to listen to Manger speakers. Hopefully one day. Enjoy.

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So what’s in the mail to replace it? How did you like the sound?

And thanks, I do like the Focals. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Do you enjoy the SME 12? It’s on my “maybe” list

My little head-fi nook has recently received an upgrade with the addition of the Focal Clear MGs alongside a new Mad Scientist Audio Black Magic USB cable to connect my Innuos Zen Mini and the RME.

Some KEF LS50 Metas get hooked up to the Lyngdorf tomorrow which is also exciting!


Toed-In toe-in … makes a real difference. It’s like finding the sweet spot of the sound from a regular seating position!!!

I have seen lots of mouthwatering Roon Setups in this topic. Mostly placed in impressive man caves. My own setup is rather modest, but effective… Not interesting enough though to show this here. Today i just thought of showing you my other approach.
Since i was about 15 years old (i’m 67 now) i made a habit of listening to headphones before and while going to sleep. Mostly i wake up after a short time and put them off to continue my sleep. This habit turned into an almost obsessive pleasure.
Equipment size growth for this use case is not practical. So i went the other way… I just took a very drastic decision in my very Apple based surroundings and bought me a Flip! So this is my Roon Setup for this habit… (sometimes practical solutions ar much better then squeezing out the highest bit or Hz).


Hello to all,
My latest update in my setup:
Custom made Mpingo stands for my B&W 801 „Matrix“ SII. The custom built Northcreek xovers are located in the middle of the stands of the 801.


Congratulations on the Manger P1 speakers, a good choice. There are not many alternatives that have such a natural sound impression. But the prerequisite is an amplifier/DAC as “fast” as possible with equally natural sound characteristics.

I am only surprised by the bare, lifeless listening rooms of many excellent systems presented here, although they are often living rooms. Book readers and interior design-conscious members do not seem to be many in this HiFi community.

The effect of a suitable bookshelf as a diffuser is usually underestimated. The goal of my current living room system was to largely match interior design with the most natural sound possible and my budget.

My solution for now:
Innuos Zenith MK3 as Music Server and Roon Bridge, restored and tuned Thorens TD 166 MK II turntable with Thorens LPSU replica, Lindemann Limetree Phono
Ayre EX-8 upgraded to v2.0
PrimeMini 5/i7 NUC as Roon Rock Server, English Electric 8-Switch, Keces P8 LPSU for both
IsoTek V5 Aquarius, HMS Energia DCS
in-akustik Reference digital, analog and power cabling
Manger P1, Furutech Evolution Speaker II Cables
Audeze LCD-XC, Cardas Clear balanced Headphone Cables
Beaudioful LÜTT customised rack adapted to the design of the Moormann bookshelf


Interestingly you have an Innuos Phoenix USB in front of the Holo May KTE with its powerful PLL? Is there any improvement into this amazing DAC?

I currently run an Intona 7055-B which reclocks/regenerates and galvanically isolates, which I have found made a very beneficial improvement. I have been considering the Pheonix USB.

Those 801’s look to be in fantastic condition.


I quite like the phoenix usb in the chain. music seems more “real”, like I’m there. low end is more palpable and vocals are a bit stronger. it’s not a night and day difference, and I find the phoenix makes more of a difference in place after the Rockna Wavelight than the May. I do prefer the phoenix over the Sotm txusbultra (which I’m using with the wavelight; just a bit lazy to swap them around for now). have not tried the Intona.

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Outer condition for the age of 35 years is ok. Inner condition is much better because all cables have been upgraded last year. With the stands The music is better rendered. Especially with a big orchestre everything i more detailled in a natural way.

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Only the wiring? And the surrounds were still good after more than 3 decades?