Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


sideways beautiful.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2220

Linn get something wrong? That’s like saying HP’s Super Disc List sucked. :rofl:

To paraphrase Devo - Are we not audiophiles

(Jeff Lee) #2221

Thanks - we didn’t want the equipment rack to dominate the room (gotta live in it) so it is parked behind a sofa. That’s why the pre and Cd player face sideways and the t’table is just above them. Don’t often need access to the rest.



I like your AQUA La Voce DAC. I still have one, but since I switched to a one-box solution (Devialet) it just sits around. I won’t sell it, maybe at one point I need it for a dedicated headphone station. Who knows. But the DAC is really good!

(Ged) #2224

Pioneer dap into mstage headphone amp driving Sennheiser HD 650s

(Ralph Pantuso) #2225

A simple but very tuneful headphone setup consisting of:

  1. an older Headroom Desktop Amp with DAC

Headroom was way, way way ahead of their time - this amp is over 12 years old, so more than 12 years ago Headroom was offering a headphone amp/preamp (the amp has RCA line level output with analog volume control) with a built in DAC (coax, optical and USB inputs).

  1. a Google Chromecast Audio with digital output (special cable needed, that yellow one, needs a DAC with Toslink optical input)

The Chromecast Audio is Roon Ready and with digital output will play up to 24bit/96kHz files. The Chromecast audio and digital cable together cost just over $40 delivered - the cheapest Roon endpoint going and no assembly required!

  1. newly purchased (via Massdrop) Acoustic Research AR-H1 planar magnetic headphones, which sound very nice and are easy to drive, e.g. can be used with a smart phone without an additional amp.

(Mr Fix It ) #2226

I got mine today. I’m running it direct if off ROCK on NUC and it’s seemingly happy at dsd512 too. Will monitor but might also try on a ropieee usb output or maybe as a rpi hat

(Derek Wyman) #2227

I have a second one on it’s way for my headphone setup. Will be running it off the pi.

(Mr Fix It ) #2228

via USB or GPIO? Seems DSD and volume control don’t play nice. Maybe DSP volume will play better.

I’m looking at some basic cases as mine is in an old DIY chassis just to protect it but its ugly as can be and full of other holes from old uses.

(Derek Wyman) #2229

usb. do the new boards come with the updated firmware or did you flash it?

I bought one of the aluminum french cases, its a pos but it works. I also modded an allo plexi case for the new one.

(Mr Fix It ) #2230

Running out of the box…no idea what the firmware is on it or how to check. Probably need a windows PC to check and or update but its all fine so its staying as is :slight_smile:

(Derek Wyman) #2231

New speakers. Everyone else in the house is sleeping, so…will need to wait until the morning to stretch them out a bit. Very odd changing main speakers after, uh 25 years? Damn I’m getting old.

(Tim) #2232


Looks very nice. I hope you can enjoy them for a long time.

Did you ever figure out your Pi streaming issue?


(bevan court) #2233

So, here is my latest set up:

NUC i5 running Windows in the office with Roon core.

Raspberry Pi, with iFi iPower and iSilencer.
Running Ropieee and connected via WiFi as the Ethernet is on the same bus as the USB.

Had an Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable, so using that.

DAC is a Schitt Modi 3, bought for the office, but was so good it stayed in my main setup. For $100 I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Amp is a PS Audio Sprout 100, connected to Dynaudio Excite 14 speakers using QED Reference Silver Anniversary cables. Interconnect is a Blue Jeans one, I forget which.

The stands are the monoliths from Monoprice.

Currently blowing me away with how good it sounds.

(Fernando Dimailig) #2234

Roon core is a custom built pc
AMD 2950x cpu 16 core
ASUS Strix X399 motherboard
32 gb ram
500 gb Samsung NVMe M. 2 Pcie bootdrive
10 tb red, 2x4t tb green hdd
BeQuiet Silent Base case

Still waiting for Memory Player full software suite
Currently running Tidal Hifi and HQ Player
Feeding 2 systems

(Fernando Dimailig) #2235

Lumin X1
LUMIN U1 mini feeding SW1X Dac3 Signature
PS Audio BHK pre
Custom built OTL
Magico S7

NAA with Superstream
PS Audio
Custom Built Accuton speakers


I’m more interested in the pioneer RT909. :wink:


Me too!

I also have a Pioneer RT-909, although I have to admit it doesn’t get a huge amount of use in my system these days. It is a really beautiful piece of kit.

(Mags Krishna) #2238

Hello Fernando. I am interested in the chain of digital music flow from your computer to the digital to analogue converter. Please elaborate on what you found to sound the best. Thanks