Shuffle adds the same track from different album versions to queue as a "2 parts" single track

In the screenshot above, the next track on the queue is “Eric Clapton”.
What this really is, is “Cocaine” from the album “Slowhand”. Notice that it says that its length is 0:00 and that it has “2 parts”.
What actually gets played is first, “Cocaine” from my local 24/96 version of “Slowhand”. Next, “Cocaine” is played again, this time from the Tidal 35th Anniversary version of “Slowhand”.

I thumbed up “Cocaine” only once and it added both versions at once.

You can see that it’s about to do the same with MJ’s “Liberian Girl” futher down the queue (this time with the right amount of time instead of 0:00).

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