Shuffle Artists Repeating Tracks

I was using this method to randomly play songs from a specific artist (how I like to listen to music), so yes it wasn’t Roon Radio per se, but I was still getting way too many repeats which is why I originally reported the issue. I believe my report was merged into this thread, mine was specifically about “shuffling” songs from the same artist…


Here are the results of my experiment from yesterday:

So far no repeats for George Benson, but I did find an interesting pattern. The songs only shuffled between 12 albums even though George Benson has 71 main albums (on Tidal) and I have 48 main albums in my local library. So why only the small sample of his wider discography?

Here are the play counts:

Album Play Count
1 Breezin’ 3
2 Give me the Night 5
3 Beyond the Blue Horizon 4
4 The Other Side of Abbey Road 5
5 White Rabbit (40th anniv) 5
6 Shape of Things to Come 5
7 Giblet Gravy (Expanded Edition) 5
8 Bad Benson 4
9 Weekend in LA 2
10 Body Talk 3
11 Good King Bad 1
12 In Flight 3

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