Shuffle by band broken? No album scroll bars?

Running on: 64 bit Windows 10, Asus UX430UAR signature edition w/i7 & 16gb RAM, Roon build 764

Connecting to network via WiFi, hardwired connection from router to a PS Audio DirectStream Jr. ethernet port

Description Of Issue
When I go to a band and press PLAY, sometimes it plays one song by the band then goes to other artists. How can I make it just shuffle music I have by the selected band?? Could this be related to albums in my library being added from Tidal?
It would be nice to have an option to control when Roon includes related bands (like other bands with some of the same people).

ALSO (I know, one issue per ticket?)
When I’m in an album I don’t get any side scrollbars. Must use my arrow keys to scroll down.

Use mouse gestures, e.g. two-fingered swipe up/ down. Or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

This depends on the Play actions and what you may have set in Settings > Play actions.

I agree that this doesn’t seem to be working correctly though … Play seems to start Radio.

I’ve been driving myself crazy with this today! Play Now seems to work the way it used to with one artist (Mac Miller). The queue screen says Playing Mac Miller and it will play successive tracks of his like it always has.
But if I do the same thing with James Vickery, it will play the first track of his, but on the queue screen it says “Playing music similar to the name of the first track played ”. It is using the first track as a seed for Roon Radio, but not doing the same thing it did with Mac Miller. Same thing with Kwaku Asante. Same thing with The Eagles. So no apparent relationship to the number of songs they have.
Then I went back to Mac Miller, and it plays just like it is supposed to.
Shuffle seems to work fine for James Vickery. It’s just the “Play Now” function that uses tracks of the artist inside and outside of my library.
I have Qobuz, so it isn’t just Tidal. This has always worked fine for me and I use it a lot. Something broke.
@Martin_Webster, I’m using the specific functions found under the Play Now pull down, not just the default Play Now.

Playing with this a little more. Tried Madonna and it started a Radio session. Same for Bowie, 10,000 Maniacs.

Put on Mac Miller and yes, that’s who I get. BTW I have no Miller in my library, only appearances.

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