Shuffle My Favorites First

When I go to an Artist or Genre page, I’d love to be able to shuffle just the songs I have marked as favorites. I realize that this can be done by creating a Focus and saving it as a bookmark, but I don’t really want to do this manually for 100 genres and 1000 artists.

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I have tracks I love marked with the love heart.

To play my favorites, I go into the tracks section, click the love heart at the top (which filters all the tracks to just the hearted tracks) and shuffle.

Thanks, but I’m asking for a way to shuffle favorites from just one artist or genre. Of course, you can also filter that the track browser for an artist or genre first, but 1) that’s a lot of clicks for something so simple, and 2) none of the above works on the smartphone remote, which I use 99% of he time.