Shuffle toggle resets everytime I start a new playlist

I was used to having my queue always in shuffle mode, but since the last update every time I load a new playlist the shuffle toggle resets to no shuffle. The loop/repeat/single toggle is unchanged.

According to the 1.8 880 release notes:

  • Play Now / Play From here actions disable shuffle

The full Release Notes Here:


Thank you Daniel, I didn’t see that one coming… However, wouldn’t it be nice to make that an optional thing in the settings…? I mean, I really miss it…

You can make “Shuffle” the default action for playlists in Settings > Play Actions. You’ll want to click “Customize” next to “Playlists and mixes” and then drag Shuffle to the top.

Then you can always shuffle playlists without having to worry about toggling the mode on and off in the queue. Hope that helps!


Dear Mike, do I feel like a complete failure…? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks anyway for solving this old man’s problem…

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