Signal path - After gear replacement, no DAC shown

Core Machine


Network Details

WiFi over Fritzbox

Audio Devices

Auralic Mini (WiFi) → ProJect Pre Box S2 (replaced by Copland DAC 215)

Library Size

Description of Issue

As mentioned in the title, my new DAC is not shown in the signal path.

  • Before: Auralic Mini (as streamer) and ProJect PreBox S2 (as DAC) appeared in the Signal path
  • After replacement: Auralic Mini appears, no DAC (Copland DAC 215) shown.

USB connection.
DAC is working properly, sound is fine, so missing signal path flow is the only issue.
Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

Does it show anything at all in the signal path after the Auralic Mini?
It may not recognize that dac model or you may need to try to identify it.
Can you post a screenshot of the new signal path?

Surely the streamer is where RAAT ends, it’s probably because the DAC doesn’t “publish ltself”

My RPi / Ropieee shows in the path but the DAC doesn’t

There is nothing wrong here

Some DAC, do show in the signal path if Roon recognises them or they can be “identified”, there is that option in audio zone setup.
My suspicion is that Roon just does not recognise the new dac so cannot display it in the signal path as such.

For example, my backyard speaker which is a jbl chromecast unit just shows as a generic speaker symbol with no name apart from what I gave it, not identified by Roon and then only when it is turned on, when off Roon does not see it and show it.

That is why I wanted to see the actual signal path see if it shows a generic symbol after the Mini.

Had the same DAC before and the new isn’t known to Roon. So as @TheHammer explained it’s shown as digital output only. Nothing to worry, though seeing the entire chain is nicer.

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Thanks to all!
Meanwhile I have found in the manual, that the DAC has an
“asynchrony USB converter modul”.
Perhaps asynchron means that the DAC does receive data, but does not send back.

The new DAC goes back to my dealer. The SQ was a bit better than my old DAC, but not good enough for me to spend 2K €


Hey @fgm,

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this and, even more, for engaging on our community to find the solution. We appreciate you sharing with us the final findings.

I am sorry we’ve missed on your post for this long and if we can help with anything now, we’d love to :nerd_face: