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Can anyone helps? My Meitner MA3 has a up-conversion function which is support DSD1024, I believe it will up-convert internal the DAC. But I find out some one’s signal path shows the detail, I tried some different way still not work. Can any one knows is it normal?

In device setup for that audio endpoint have you set the max allowed resolution?

Yes I did, the Meitner MA3 only support up to 192khz, but it will up-conversion to dsd1024 itself without Roon’s dsp function. In this case Roon’s dsp function is disabled. For me it is like Roon still analyzing the signal path in the DAC. I don’t know how is this happen.

One looks to be USB connected the other by network. USB connections will provide feedback from the DAC telling Roon what it, the DAC, is doing to the audio stream.


Might be windows driver related…what Os are you using? Are you in exclusive mode?

Please fill in the missing details re system info and network etc , it’s asked for a reason!

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Hey @zhiyan_wang,

Thanks for getting in touch to make sure you get the most out of your audio setup with Roon. We’re sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply until today.

We’re hopeful that you can take @wizardofoz’s suggestion and our request and share the details about your setup. They will help us have an idea of your environment and make relevant suggestions.

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