Signal path changed for NAD M33 after BluOS 3.16.1

After updating the NAD M33 to BluOS 3.16.1. Released November 23, 2021, I notice a change in the signal path which is never losless anymore but enhanced. Because of the addition of the analog amplifier part between the NAD and the speakers.
Sound has not been impacted, but it seems strange this has changed all of a sudden.

I checked the settings of the M33, but I have not implemented any changes neither activated or implemented diraclive. All sound enhancements in the M33 have been disabled.

Documentation of BluOS firmware states:
BluOS 3.16.1. Released November 23, 2021.
• Support for Dolby Atmos on the SOUNDBAR+.
• New audio settings and profiles for the SOUNDBAR+.
• The addition of Tunify, a commercial music streaming service.
• Roon improvements including a new icon.

Any idea?

You’re not alone :slight_smile: See discussion here (the recent posts) where I have posted a screenshot of the reply I got from BluOS.

No comments from Roon yet.

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Thanks for pointing that out.

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You’re welcome. We’ll just have to wait for Roon to comment.

My M33 now seems to be defaulting to tone controls ‘enabled’, which I definitely don’t want. Could that be causing this enhanced status somehow?

Not my M10. They’ve stayed off even after the update.

Now you mentioned this: same happened with my M33 but I was in doubt if I mistakenly put it on myself in the past; but I have switched it off immediately. But still the same effect. So it is indeed waiting for Roon to clarify this.

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I have realized that after the M33 is turned off, and back on - the tone controls keep being turned back on (noticeable as the volume is substantially lower).

Very frustrating.

Started a topic here on the bluesound website to see if they have a fix.

Hi all,

We’ve confirmed with NAD that nothing has changed with the audio processing on the device. We’re reaching out to them in order to have them change the “Analog Amplifier” element to appear as “lossless”.



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