Signal path information

Im currently listing to “Sunset in the blue” with Melody Gerbot - FLAC 96khz /24-bit audio format (local) and get this signal path information:

Does this looks ok? Or do I need to change some settings?

Thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely ok to me.

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Probably also depends on what Bluetooth codec your Core, or whatever endpoint you’re using, supports - you’re a little sparse with system info, really.
These buds are supposed to support 24 bit depth, but you’re getting 16…

Hi Torben, are you using Windows? It seems you’re using the “OS Mixer” as output device, which is set to 44.1/16. This means all audio will be converted to that resolution. If that’s not what you want, i.e. if you want to avoid conversions and play at the original resolution, you can change a few things:

  1. Change the sound settings to match the resolution that is most common to your tracks. Sources with different resolutions will still be converted.
  2. Use WASAPI output and configure it as exclusive.
  3. Use an ASIO output.

Possibly, most likely IMO, this marketing blurb refers to the internal processing only and not to supported input formats. On another sought, all the BlueTooth formats are compressed anyway and IIRC do compressed formats not honor raw PCM bit-depths. AptX-HD should be able to reach a sound quality similar to CD (44.1 kHz / 16 bit).

I personally don’t know of a way how better quality should go over BlueTooth.

Yeah, compressed it is and it’ll always remain - you’re probably right on all accounts.

Roon settings already shows:

I hope it gets even better when these arrives (has been order)


In combination with:

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 - 24-Bit True Wireless mit adaptiver Qualcomm aptX™-Technologie.

AK UW100 - High Performance 32-bit DAC - aptX™ Adaptive for High Quality Wireless Audi - Premium Tier QCC5141 & Bluetooth 5.2

Linn looks better :slight_smile:

You should stop looking at the signal path and listen to the music instead - less stressful and may even provide more lifetime. :smiley:

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