Signal path shows MQA conversion when playing Qobuz via Lyngdorf

Hi @Haim_Sheffer1 ,

Have you reached out to Lyngdorf regarding this issue yet? As noted by others, the MQA step is happening after Roon has sent the audio stream to the device and the MQA processing is happening on the Lyngdorf side.

There is one other possibility here, which is that the file itself is MQA, but it has some malformed MQA information and the Lyngdorf is picking it up as MQA but Roon is not. If you’d like, you can send us this file to test for this aspect if you don’t have any other MQA gear, and you can upload it here:

@noris I have the same issue, my only source is Qobuz, so definitely no MQA.

This occurs since one of the recent Roon (Roon Remote) updates, previously it displayed a correct signal path.

Thus I doubt that this is in the Lyngdorf domain, as the last update to the TDAI was in October 2022.

I guess there is no MQA decoding going on but a „simple“ mistake in displaying signal path info…

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Hi @Tom_Kramer,

I’ve merged your topic with another reporting the same issue with the same Lyngdorf. If you could, please see the instructions below and get back to us!

Will you please do the following?

Play a track to duplicate the issue.

Respond with the date, time (and zone), and the artist/track played.

We can use this information to look at the logs and then attempt to duplicate things on our side.


Hey @Wes

thanks for your help!

I played „Still Awake“ by Emil Brandqvist Trio
Date 26th May 2023, 9:06 pm (UTC/GMT+2)