Signal path suddenly showing high quality instead of lossless

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Oppo 103 connected to NUC via HDMI

Description Of Issue
After 6 months, signal path suddenly is no longer lossless. It says high quality. System Output now has green light instead of blue and is listed as OS Mixer. I believe it was something different prior, I’m not sure.

I went in to Windows sound settings and made sure the Oppo was enabled to be run in exclusive mode.

When I go into Roon’s device setup for the Oppo, there is no longer the option run exclusive.

When I go to device setup for the NUC’s USB output to my Topping D10 it has exclusive option and its signal path remains lossless as before.

To be thorough I reset the Oppo to factory and reconfigured everything.

Please help and much thanks in advance.
I’m still trying to figure out how to do screen shots, otherwise I would’ve added them.

RESOLVED by creating a new display audio output in roon settings.

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