Significant performance drop since I installed build 242 [Solved]

Dear Support,

Two days ago, I upgraded my core on a Mac Mini and remote on iPad to build 242.Since then, performance dropped significantly. For example, where a page with album thumbnails used to fully update in a second or 2, they now all stay black for 5 to 10 seconds and then they very slowly begin to appear, one by one. Additionally, I get “Trying to connect…” messages very often, like once per 5 minutes. I restarted my router, Mac, Core and iPad app several times, no scanning / analyzing active: no improvement. Also clearing the cache on the iPad did not help.

On my Windows 10 Roon remote I get following message: “Roon: an audio file is loading slowly, this may indicate a performance or hardware problem”. (occurs for plain 44/16bit files, no DSP, shortest signal path)
Never seen this on previous builds…

Anybody experiencing the same issues?

Kind regards,

To be honest, it’s not quite clear what happened, but restarting all my equipment again (Mac, Router, NAS) solved the performance drop. I also increased the remote Image Cache to 256MB, not sure if that helped too.

If you don’t mind I’ll use that for my epitaph and have it engraved on my headstone once I have departed this mortal coil :smile: