SimAudio 240i/340i or PS Audio Stellar DAC/S300 Combo

I’m looking to make a purchase and don’t have a local shop that carries PS Audio. I’ve had a chance to listen to Moon’s 240i and 340i. Does anyone have experience or opinions with both Moon 240i/340i and the Stellar DAC/S300 combo. I’ll be pairing with KEF LS50’s and Vandersteen VSM-Sigs.

PS Audio will be happy to let you try the S300 etc at home.

I had a pair of S300’s (bi-amped into first-gen B&W 800Ds) and was very pleased. Alas, the kit had to move into a much smaller room, so I had to let the 800’s and the S300’s go (and replaced with Kii THREEs…)

I can only say that both the 240i & 340i are excellent spell binding integrated amps and I have recently upgraded from a 240i to a 340i in order to take my setup to the next level (I did find the 240i’s 50w @ 8ohms lacking powaaaarr) - I haven’t tried any of the PS Audio gear but Im interested in hearing it at some point, I like the ethos of the company and how transparent the CEO is with his regular Q&As and Youtube videos, Simaudio are not as good at engaging with their customers via social media channels.

Thanks for the feedback. I recently picked up with Moon Ace with the updated MIND 2 module which makes it ROON compatible. As you may know this is the 240i with MIND. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and paired up with a pair of Vandersteen VSM Carbons bookshelf speakers. For my room about 144 SQ feet, I find the wattage at 50W to do a great job at my listening levels. The overall sonic quality of this combo is fantastic.

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Nice. I was tempted to go with the NEO Ace but I couldnt resist moving up to the next level, my plan now is to buy a 280D DAC + MIND2 next to enable full MQA capability. I already have a Mac Mini Roon Core acting as my streamer, but I dont get full MQA decoding yet - it might be good enough though without the extra expense of the 280D DAC + MIND2