Simaudio confirms Moon product to be released which is Roon Ready!

Good news everyone!

I just had a talk with Simaudio via Facebook and it seems they are about to launch a Roon Ready product sometime in Q2. I decided to screenshot the conversation so as to not confuse what was actually said :slight_smile:

Link: Image on imgur

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Thanks. I am following this with interest having purchased a Moon 280 D with Mind. I am using a NAS with exclusively CD quality or higher files connected via ethernet to the DAC. This product was advertised as “Roon ready” but what it didn’t state (or state clearly) is that it is Roon ready only if a network computer is connected via USB and is “on.” That Is not how I envisioned using my set up. For my purposes the Moon 280D is not Roon ready.

The additional expense of the moon mind feature is ideally for this software to control the system using an iOS device as a remote removing the requirement to have a USB connected network computer for full operability.

The question I pose to Simaudio: Is there a firmware upgrade in the works to enable this product-Moon 280D- to be truly “Roon ready” i.e. act as a Roon endpoint when installed in a network wirelessly or by ethernet?

I think room « ready » is a notion defined by Roon to which moon complies. It means that the dac works when connected to a Roon server via USB. I would be surprised to see a firmware upgrade that enables full Roon endpoint as this, for most of the current audio dacs in the market, has hardware implications…

Here’s a detailed description of Roon Ready:

There’s a difference between Roon Ready and Roon Tested. What @Philippe_Dancause describes is essentially Roon Tested. AFAIK, no currently available Simaudio Moon device is Roon Ready, and MiND does not currently support RAAT. There are, however, Simaudio Moon DACs that are Roon Tested.

Here’s a useful list:

Edit: Here’s a better list:

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