Simaudio moon DAC described as uncertified

Just had my Moon 780D streaming DAC upgraded to MiND 2 and given Roon free trial voucher.
On my laptop running Roon, all the device properties all correct. Recognises has RAAT on it, version 1.1.29.
But device is described as “uncertified”.
Roon remote on iPad can’t see it so can’t integrate it with MiND app.

Was the software on the dac updated ?

Hello @Keith_Chapman,

The Simaudio MOON 780D is still undergoing its Roon Ready certification testing. We’re working with Simaudio to complete the process and get the final certified firmware out to users.

The uncertified status of the 780D should not impact it’s ability to be seen by a Roon Remote. As long as the Roon Remote is connected to the Roon Core, all of the zones available on the Core should appear on the remote. Have you checked the “Zone Picker” tab on the iPad for the 780D zone? You can access the zone picker by tapping on the “speaker” icon located to the left of the volume control along the bottom of the display.


Will this also make Roon tested Moon DACs to be available? There is none of them in the device database.

Hello @Jonas,

We are working towards having all of our Roon Tested devices included in our in-app device identification engine. I am not certain if the all of Roon Tested MOON USB DACs will be included when their Roon Ready certification goes live, but the goal is to have all of their devices in the engine whenever work has been completed to make this possible.



Wonderful, thank you!

I have a SimAudio 650D and also a MiND 180D streamer. Will these two components also be getting the Roon Ready certification?

Some of the new features that MiND 2 gives you:

For ACE, 280D, 380D, 780D
Full MQA decoding, Roon support, 32-bit/384kHz + DSD256 streaming, TIDAL
Masters, Qobuz Sublime+, Deezer Hi-Fi, and an improved overall experience.

For 180 MiND and MiND
All of the above except: MQA decoding will only be possible if the connected
DAC is an MQA-certified product and compatible with MiND 2.

I just add a brand new moon ace with the mind2 module to Roon. Software and hardware are updated with ace version 1.10 and mind 1.02.
Is there any news regarding certification?


@support Is this now resolved? Im looking to buy a 280D shortly with a MiND2 module and would like to make sure I don’t need to do any kind of firmware update on the Moon 280D - is this purely a software upgrade on the Roon core?

All ---- Thank you for the continued feedback but more importantly thank you for your patience while we work with Simaudio to get these devices certified. Very appreciated!

In regard to whether certifications have been completed or not is something we usually don’t speak about until the work has been completed. I would recommend following up with Simaudio if there are any concerns.


I have a 380d upgraded to a MiND2. It works perfectly, although it is not certified.

Maybe your dealer can demo Roon on a 280d MiND2 unit?

It seems that there was a little firmware update regarding my Ace. The Mind’s firmware was updated from 1.02 > 1.04.
Now Roon is recognizing the Ace as Roon certified.

At first i did not noticed the change. Maybe because i had to turn off the Moon and reboot Roon/and or Mac Os… just saying

Update to 1.05 released for MiND2 (for MiND module).

I also saw my Moon MiND2 Network Player shows up as certified in Roon (that happened before the update).