Simple audio receiver for Roon

I have bookshelf speakers and an amp. I used to stream audio to them via airplay with an Airport Express. However, I recently upgraded my wifi system, and I can’t connect my AE to it.
So, I just need a new device to stream from Roon to my existing amp and speakers.

Can someone suggest a good device for this?


Can you follow simple instructions to do things on a computer, and build a 5 piece Duplo set in the physical realm ?

[ ] Yes => Raspberry Pi with HAT. Exactly how good you want it, and what outputs you need, will make this a more complex answer, but you can probably start at AudioBerry and Allo, as well as head to the Ropieee subforum.

[ ] No => Buy a prebuilt Raspberry Pi with HAT (from one of the above for example, but there are many others), or another commercial offering. People seem to like Sonore’s and SoTM’s products.

How do you want to connect to your system. Is it an analogue, SPDIF or USB connection?

I want SPDIF

Right, because you were using AirPort Express you were limiting yourself to 16/24. If you are happy with that an older Apple TV with the optical out will do what your AE was doing. It is possible you have one around? If you need to purchase something you can use a Pi with a suitable HAT. This can be done for under a hundred of your more popular currencies £€$? I also have a Primare NP5 which is a Roon capable end point. It will be Roon Ready in due course but until then it still has Chromecast and Airplay. But that is £450 in the U.K. so not cheap. It comes down to this. It can be done cheap but won’t be simple to do. Or you can go simple but it will cost.

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