Simple Question about icons

This is a fairly petty question, but is there anyway to assign icons to an endpoint that are not within the regular “Zone” icons? For example, I am using an Innuos Zen as a Squeezelite endpoint, so it requires me to to use the Squeezelite default icon (a speaker) or I can choose to replace it with any number of Zone icons (offices, swimming pools, bedrooms, etc).

However my actual integrated amp does have a “device” icon and for aesthetic reasons I’d just like to have the Squeezelite/Innuos endpoint showing the device icon for my Technics integrated. However it looks like you can only choose the “device” if the device is the endpoint, otherwise you are limited to changing only to Zone icons.

Is there a way to use a “device” icon on a “zone” (Squeezelite player for example)?

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