Simple question of one core and two computers

Looking for a solution for both my wife and I to be able to use Roon when my computer (the Core) is removed from the system.

Can she switch her account to become the core when my computer is away at work?

Or is it easier to add a nucleus and have that be the core so all computers, iPads, etc etc can use anytime, regardless of my computer being in the equation.

Thank you

If you’re both wanting to access the same library of music then I think it would make sense to have a separate machine as your core. The Nucleus is one option, but it would also be worth taking a look at using a NUC (quite a bit cheaper).

If your music files are available on your network (i.e. not on your laptop) then you could set up a core on your wife’s machine that accesses the same files. However, if you want to use Roon while you’re out of the house you’ll need to have two licences to do so. If not, you could set up the core on your wife’s computer to use the same licence but you’d need to faff around with authorising and deauthorising each time you switch between the two,

Other people may have different advice, but a separate core (Nucleus, NUC or a different computer) is by far and way the easiest way to go.