Since 795, Roon is not longer auto updating file tags when they are changed

Before the update to 795 Roon would automatically see changes I made to any music file and Roon would then update and reflect those changes. If I would change the artist name or the genres of a file, Roon would reflect those changes almost immediately. It no longer does that and I have to tell Roon to re-scan any files or albums that I change.

I’ve noticed this too.

Nice job on the update Roon team, loving the new daily mixes!

When795 was released, Roon stopped auto updating when I changed an albums metadata. Now, for the changes to appear in Roon I have to rescan the album. There were a few posts about them but no response yet so I was wondering if Roon is aware of this issue.


I can’t reproduce this, so let’s get some more info:

  1. How long are you waiting before you force a rescan?
  2. Where is the content you’re editing stored?
  3. Reproduce the issue and please provide:
    • the local time & date you made the file tag edit
    • a screenshot of the file tags
    • a screenshot of the album in Roon
    • a screenshot of your import settings in Settings > Library


Thanks for responding so quickly!

  1. I only wait 5-10 minutes now, but when I first noticed this I waited until the next day before forcing a rescan of the album

  2. I am editing music files that are stored on my NUC running ROCK.

  3. I took screen shots of the album in Roon and in Yate(tagging software) before doing any edits. These are the “Before Edits” screen shots. Then I made my edits in Yate and saved them. I deleted all my genres and entered “ROON TEST” into the genres field. I also entered that in the Album Version tag, and in the Roon Album Tag field. I took the screen shot of Yate immediately after doing the edits.
    I waited about 10 minutes and took a screenshot of the album in Roon, these are the “After Edits” screen shots. Nothing changed in Roon after the edits were done. I am still waiting to see if Roon will rescan the album itself. In regards to my import settings and library settings, they have not been changed since the first 1.8 release.

Before Edits:

After Edits:

Import settings (3 total)

Library Settings:

Just to note, I am changing my metadata of my albums frequently and it is the same every time now with me having to do a force rescan.

Thanks again for the quick response and for looking into this.

Hey @kevin ,

Hope all is well. I was curious if you had any info on this. I have seen a few new posts of other users having the same or similar issues.


Hi @AnimalOnDrums

When you’re making these changes, are you seeing the Modified Time on the files change or are they staying the same?