Since build 952 a real big memory leak (Linux)

With Linux (Ubuntu Server 22.04), there is since build 952 a real big memory leak.
At the moment Roon takes more than 20 GB RAM (from total 32 GB).
It seems, that restarting Roon helps sometimes for a “longer” time, but not in every case.

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I use an arch derivative (Manjaro) without swap technique. Do you have swap active?

For help, a better (formalized) system description with database size (local music tracks), use of which services etc. is certainly useful.

Hi @Burkhardt_Petermann ,

We have recently addressed a few memory leaks with Roon build 970, please see the release notes below:

If you have updated and are still seeing this memory issue after the build, please let us know and we can take another look, thanks!

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