Single Tidal Album Split Into Two In Roon

I just added a different version of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication to my Roon library from Tidal. In Tidal it’s a single album. In Roon, track 6 is split into its own album. Here are screenshots.

I had to add the album by selecting it as a favorite in the Tidal web interface because the album didn’t appear within Roon as a Tidal album.

Hi Chris,

This sometimes happens if the file tags for songs on the album are different from one another for some reason.

To fix it, select both albums (right click or long press), Edit, Merge Albums.

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Having this problem pretty often: I favorite an album on the TIDAL app, and it appears in Roon as two albums, with some tracks in one, some in the other. I merge them and all is well, but seriously… This happens a lot.

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Thank G for this community. I had one “orphan” song from an album just like the example above. This was just what I needed!